Yamaha SCR950

In the year 2017 there will be many newly anticipated events to occur. A new president will be inducted into office, a spacecraft will be launched to Mercury, the first total solar eclipse of the 21st century in the United States will occur and many many more. One particular event will get motorcycle enthusiasts excited for 2017 to quickly approach. The release of the brand new Yamaha SCR950 Scrambler. Scheduled to release in 2017 this Yamaha is as durable as it is affordable. This was Yamaha’s attempt to bring the Yamaha to the modern 2017 without losing it’s nostalgic touch. The front guage has a classic style but has now been upgraded with LCD readouts. The wire-spoke wheels  and new brake-style which is described fully below offer a gorgous mix of retro with a more modern look. The SCR950 also has a belt final drive and LED taillights and left and right turn indicators.

This bike was designed to handle different types of terrains ranging from road, urban and some off-roading. The Yamaha SCR950 is the newest addition to the brand’s new category in streetbikes which is called the Sport Heritage Line. Other models within this new category are the XSR900, SR400 and the VMAX. The Yamaha SCR950 offers an air-cooled, 60-degree 2-cylinder engine features fuel injection and four valves per cylinder. The exhaust system is a 2 into 1 system which is made to optimize the low-end torque provided by the vehicle. The tuning of the Yamaha SCR950 is designed to offer a broad spectrum of power. Tuned to perform well on and off road, this vehicle is truly durable. The double-cradle frame allows for the tuned engine to thrive and accentuate the sporty frame for it’s on or off road responsiveness. To go with the fine tuning a braking system needs to be up to par. The Yamaha SCR950 comes equipt with a 298 mm front wave-style disc with a twin-piston caliper. The rear disc is also a 298 mm wave-style disc. With 19 inch front rims and 17 inch rear rims this bike is sitting pretty in a chunky dual sport style tires. Yamaha combined a modern and retro feel when looking at the feet of this new model. Yamaha’s are known for being fuel efficient and this one is no exception. The SCR950 fetches an efficient 51 miles per gallon with a fuel capacity of 3.2 gallons.

In 2017 Yamaha will release the SCR950 in two different colors. Charcoal Silver and Rapid Red are the two color ways that will be the pioneer of this new line. The Yamaha will be available in July and will have a suggested retail price of $8,699. Making this Yamaha entirely affordable and durable. While we do not know who is going to be in office in January of 2017 or if the spacecraft going to Mercury is going to be a success all I know is that the Yamaha is going to be a must buy for those who like something sporty and rugged. I know it’s on my birthday wish list.

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