All You Need to Know About the Honda CRF250L


The Honda CRF250L is a new machine that is a dual sports bike. This article gives a description of the bike pointing out its good features and its shortcomings.


The Honda CRF250L is a new product in the bike industry. Whereas one expects it to be overly expensive, it is quite fair compared to the features that it has. Besides, it is easy to maintain a most spare parts can be purchased either online or in repair shops and at affordable prices. In case your budget is tight, you can opt for used dodged parts, which are much pocket-friendly.



The following are the features that the Honda bike contains:

  • Dual disc brakes
  • 250cc dual sport
  • A 4mm set off cylinder
  • Two-gallon fuel tank
  • A cable actuated clutch
  • Wider and stronger gears
  • A steel twin-spar frame
  • The inverted 43mm fork up front
  • A modern looking and powerful headlight
  • Liquid cooled
  • Locking side cover
  • Cargo hooks


The above features justify the price of the Honda CFR250L.



The Honda provides a low and wider seat compared to other bikes. This is good for beginners who are just trying out the biking experience. Shorter people also have an advantage due to this feature that the bike has to cater for all kinds of individuals. The seat also has a soft cushion that makes it comfortable for people going on a lengthy distance or multi-day trips. The mirrors on the bike are also low and steady such that they cannot knock out of place easily. The brakes are soft and spongy and respond very fast, and this is an advantage especially to people who have never ridden on a bike as powerful as this before. It is, therefore easy to maneuver your way with the Honda CRF250L.



The Honda crf250l can travel long distances without any problem. The fuel gauge helps one to know when they are running low on fuel especially when going for long distances. The bike can travel long distances without consuming much fuel due to the capacity of the engine. It is durable and is not easily spoilt. The meter also gauges your speed and ensures that you are on track not to get in trouble with speed officers.

Demerits of the Honda CRF250L


This powerful machine also has some demerits, and they are outlined below.


  • The bike is heavy thus making the engine slow. This is a disadvantage especially for people who go to higher terrains and sandy areas for adventure.
  • The bike is good and fast on smooth trails but becomes slow on moderate trails which are not very smooth. It does not have any capability to adjust the CRF’s suspension hence the reason for slowness on moderate trails.
  • The tires have a soft grip on slippery, muddy and sandy areas. This is quite dangerous as you can lose control and have an unexpected accident.
  • Heavy riders often have a problem riding unless they adjust the spring tension on the shock.
  • The Honda CRF250L is expensive for people who want a durable but cheap bike. Its technology is of a higher standard thus making it expensive for bike lovers who want a different feel.
  • New riders could have a problem operating the bike due to its heavy weight. It is there a demerit for them to use this bike to practice the skill of biking.

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